Homemade calf pens

Would you like to build your own calf pens? It’s possible with Topcalf! You can assemble the Topcalf Mono and Duo calf pens yourself at home. These calf pens are then delivered to your home as a kit with instructions. If the assembly instructions are not clear enough for you, you can also watch the assembly videos. In these videos, our employees explain step by step how you can assemble a Topcalf calf pen yourself. At the bottom of this page you will find one of the assembly videos and assembly instructions.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to assemble the bigger Topcalf calf hutches such as the Topcalf Trio / Quattro / Quito, as we cannot then guarantee the desired quality. Perhaps in the future we will make it possible to build the Topcalf calf hutches yourself. However, it is possible to build a calf hutch yourself, as the Topcalf basic boxes can be built in a modular way.

Currently, you can build the following Topcalf calf pens yourself:

Assembly manual

single calf hutch

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