sales stop

We would like to inform you of an important decision regarding our product range. Due to incredibly high demand and a significant increase in sales of our products in Germany over the past year, we have decided to discontinue sales of the Quinto XL calf hutch until further notice.

This decision was taken because we noticed that our delivery times could no longer meet our customers’ expectations. This sales halt will allow us to increase our production capacity and ensure that we can once again meet demand and deliver on time.

It is important to stress that the sales stop applies only to the Quinto XL. Our other products will remain available ‘as normal’. Against the sales stop of the Quinto calf hutch, is the introduction of a new product: the Topcalf Group Hutch 

The fixed group hutch

The mobile group hutch is a highly appreciated product, but also a very time-consuming product to assemble. To shorten our delivery times, we have decided to stop selling the mobile group hutch. However, we want to continue offering group housing. Due to an increasing demand for ‘fixed’ group housing with larger lying surfaces and future laws and regulations we have decided to develop the Fixed Group Hutch. These very large group hutches have a total lying area of 16.25m² and are fully equipped.

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