calf hutch accessories
Since we would like your calves to feel like home in their new calf hutch Topcalf offers several accessories to improve their comfort. Our calf hutches are standardly equipped with plastic walls and grid but can be further extended.
feeding accessories
Multiple feeding accessories can be found in our assortment. For instance, you will find drinking buckets and hay racks. Our nipple buckets have been tested by the German magazine TopAgrar and we found to be the best performing bucket on the market. Thanks to its transparency the dairy farmer is always able to see how much each calf drinks.
Ventilation options
One of the unique points of our calf hutches is that calves are always enjoying a nice climate. Our smaller hutches are equipped with wheels and can therefore be placed indoor in case of cold weather. While the larger calf hutches are all equipped with isolated roof and ventilation slide. Besides, we can install livestock curtains according to your wishes.
Customized calf housing solutions
Even though we offer some standard products, we always listen to the wishes of our customers. Based on these conversations our development team will draw a solution in 3D so we can provide you the best possible solutions.

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