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Research has shown that a calf has the most potential to grow in the first 8 weeks of its life. An important condition to be able to achieve this growth is an infection free living environment. Therefore, Topcalf dedicated it’s 50 years of experience to develop a calf housing system that offers a healthy environment and stimulate optimal growth. We have variety of calf hutches for sale that meet all the regulations regarding calf housing system. Thanks to our innovations we are able to stay ahead and offer customized solutions. Whether you are looking for a large calf hutch for 4 or more calves, or a hutch that makes cleaning a lot easier, you’ll find it on our website.


Single Calf Hutch
Quattro calf house
Double Calf Hutch
Topcalf Calf Hutch Quinto
Trio Easy-clean hutch (UK)
Calf Hutch with free range

Calf hutch for individual housing

Providing the best possible living environment to your calf and more convenience for you! By rearing calves in one of our mobile calf hutches your calf develops a good defense and supports the health from an early age. Topcalf offers a large assortment of high quality calf sheds in order to fulfill all your wishes. Our product range contains single hutches as well as large hutches for the housing of 2 to 5 calves. Standardly these calf hutches are equipped with either wheels but can be extended with several accessories:

  • Divisible front fence with bucket ring and drinking bucket
  • Plastic walls and grid for easy cleaning
  • Galvanized frame
  • Optional Easy Clean edition
Easy clean calf hutch

Calf hutch for group housing

After one week you can house your calves in a large calf hutch dedicated to group housing. Calves have grown to a certain level and our now ready to interact with others to also improve their social skills. Furthermore, research has already shown that housing calves together in an early stage has a positive impact on their growth rate. Since our calf house is extended with a free range, it also offers your calves more freedom of movement.

  • Standard equipped with isolated roof
  • Including ventilation slides
  • Optional 9m² of free range
  • Indoor surface: ±10m²
Group calf hutch Topcalf

why topcalf hutches?

double calf hutch


All our hutches are flexible as you can remove the partitioning walls and create a group calf hutch when you want

Calf Hutch Easy Clean

easy to use

Our hutches are easy to move and clean. Besides, we offer the Easy Clean line which makes manual mucking the past.

Ventilation calf hutch

Optimal climate

Calves lie high above the ground underneath an isolated roof. Optional curtains and ventilation tube can be added to the hutch.

why do we use calf hutches?

When you are looking for a calf housing system many options are presented. For instance,  plastic calf igloos or wooden calf pens. These systems, like calf hutches, have their pros and cons but are designed to ensure a calf’s well-being. But what is the actual reason why we use calf hutches? The day a calf is born, it does not have a developed immune system yet. This means that it is very vulnerable for infections and diseases. By drinking a lot of colostrum the calf will receive the required antibodies and will become stronger. Though, in order to avoid spread of infections, calves should not come to close to other calves. Therefore, in the first week calves are housed in individual calf hutches. This way they receive the care they deserve and are less exposed to illnesses.


After one week however calves are allowed to stay in a group hutch. Research has shown that calves in a large group hutch stimulate each other to drink more and therefore achieve a larger growth. This growth is vital for the milk production as a cow and should be monitored really closely.

Calf Hutch with livestock curtain
Ventilation Calf Hutch
Calf Hutch Portugal
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