Double calf hutch with roof

double calf hutch

Product specifications

  • Strong and robust: Galvanized frame
  • Strong plastic walls
  • Removable bottom as standard
  • Insulated roof
  • Air slides at the back
  • LED lighting & electricity installed
  • Removable partition wall


L x W x H (inside): 162,5 x 100 x 100  cm

L x W x H (outside): 240 x 216,6 x 217 cm

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    Topcalf Flexline


    One of the benefits of the Topcalf assortment is the availability of flexible calf hutches. This, so called flexline, is a standard calf hutch with removable partition wall. This way you can easily turn your individual calf hutch into a large group housing.

    double calf hutch with free range

    Double calf hutch with free range
    Topcalf Bio-Line

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      Topcalf Bio-Line

      To better meet the needs of the Bio dairy farms, Topcalf have developed a biological calf housing concept called the ‘Bio-Line’.  This concept consists of 3 calf housing solutions that support this concept. The Topcalf group hutch is 1 out of 3 products that are part of the Topcalf Bio-Line. The products in the Topcalf Bio-line comply with the European requirements regarding calf housing for biological farmers. The other two calf housing solutions that are part of the Bio-line, are the Topcalf Mono Bio and  the Topcalf Duo with free range.

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