Duo Easy-clean XXL

Topcalf calf hutch


  • The frame made of galvanised steel ensures high quality and a long lifespan
  • Equipped with the innovative Topcalf Easy-clean system. Tiltable floors in a jiffy!
  • Optimal calf comfort: XXL lying surfaces: 248.5 cm x 183.3 cm (4.5 M²)
  • The calf hutch can be easily moved by forklift or loader from the front
  • Mobility: 4 castor wheels (the front 2 with brakes)
  • 2-part front doors: Enables you to enter the calf hutch without disturbing a drinking calf
  • Removable partition wall: Allows for pairwise calf housing (stimulates social behaviour)
  • Accessories included: Tiltable bucketholders with locking system, teat bucket holders, etc.

*The calf hutch can be lifted from the front and no longer from the side. The video below shows the version as the calf hutch is supplied.

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    Award-winning system

    The Topcalf Easy-clean system was awarded with “Product Innovation of the Year” during Eurotier 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for professional animal husbandry and livestock management.

    Topcalf calf hutch

    Duo Easy-clean

    The Duo Easy-Clean calf hutch is the latest addition to Topcalf’s Easy-clean product line. After the Trio Easy-Clean, the Duo is now also available with the innovative Easy-clean system. With this award-winning system, the floor can be made tiltable in no time, making it possible to muck out and clean your calf hutch in just a few minutes. By removing the 2 pins at the back of the calf pen, the floors become tiltable. The calf hutch can easily be lifted using for example a loader or forklift and then driven to the manure heap.

    Topcalf calf hutch

    Why paired calf housing?

    Several studies have shown the benefits of paired calf housing for their social development. The removable partition wall of this Duo Easy-clean calf hutch makes it possible to house the calves individually at first and then to remove the partition wall. This allows the calf to get used to being with other calves at an earlier stage. This makes the step to a group smaller and stimulates the calf’s social development at an earlier stage.

    As with the other products in the Easy-clean product line, calf comfort and ease of use are key. The Duo Easy-clean is equipped with 2-part fronts, making it possible to enter the calf pen without disturbing a drinking calf. Like the other Topcalf calf hutches, the frame is made from galvanised steel, guaranteeing a long life span.

    Topcalf calf hutch
    Topcalf calf hutch
    Pair calf housing
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