Group hutch Easy-clean

Calf hutch


4,5m x 2,4m x 2,23m (L x W x H)

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    Ease of Work & Efficiency

    As with the other products in the Easy-clean product line, the focus is on work efficiency. The Topcalf group hutch Easy-clean has the same product features as the standard group hutch, but is easier to clean, thanks to the Easy-clean system. This mobile calf hutch can be moved from the front, using a loader. In addition, the underside of the back can be folded up, which makes mucking out quick and efficient. In addition, the panel at the top of the back can be moved up and down. In this way, the calf hutch can be provided with new bedding and the climate in the calf hutch can be controlled very easily.

    Like the standard group housing, the Easy-clean group hutch has an insulated roof. The calf hutch is equipped as standard with a palisade feed fence, lighting, electricity connection and plastic grids at the front of the calf hutch.

    Calf hutch
    Calf hutch
    calf hutch


    Free range & sliding door

    The group hutch Easy-clean can optionally be equipped with sliding door and free range. By equipping the calf hutch with a free range, the calf hutch complies with the guidelines for biological dairy farming. BIO-LINE (UK)

    Standard Topcalf group hutch


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    Group hutch Easy-clean

    Topcalf Group hutch Easy-clean: Mucking out your calf hutch in a jiffy!

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