New group housing

This Friday, August 23, we will present our new group house at the Land Tage Nord fair (Germany). This new group house has a number of new advantages. Thanks to the insulated roof and the large air slides, you can create an optimal climate in the loft. In addition, it has a number of advantages over the old group loft.


  • New dimensions: 4.5 m deep x 2.5 m wide
  • Easy to move thanks to the spoons. This makes it easy to place your calf housing together
  • Unique slatted floor behind the feed fence. Since calves shit more often when they are standing, you can keep the straw clean in this way
  • Group house comes with hay rack, water supply, lighting and drinking bowls.
  • Ideal calf housing for calves from 4 to 12 weeks old.
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