Topcalf - Calf Housing Specialist

Done by People, Inspired by Calves

Topcalf is an official brand of the Dutch company Schrijver Stalinrichting B.V. We believe that the success of a productive cow starts with the proper care of the calf. Every calf has the right to the best care. Calf housing plays an important role in this. Topcalf produces high quality calf hutches completely according to your wishes. All Topcalf installations comply with the established EU regulations and deliver top performances in the area of animal welfare, climate, hygiene and working comfort. Get in touch. After launching in the Netherlands our calf hutches are now available across whole Europe!


Why Topcalf?

  • Experience – for over 50 years
  • Committed – building your future together
  • Reliable – we say what we do & do what we say
  • Innovative – we continuously come up with new solutions for your stable
  • Flexible – thanks to the short lines, we can switch quickly


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Calf housing equipped with automatic feeding system

In Germany, Topcalf supplied the calf housing for a special project. These 20 custom-made Topcalf Quattro hutches are designed so that Förster Technik’s CalfRail system can feed the calves automatically. Watch the video of the system in action here: ...

The farmer’s story: The Karrer Family

Recently we went to Unterallgäu which is located in the south of Germany to hear about the Karrer family's experience with their Topcalf calf hutches. We are very happy that they were willing to share their experience with Topcalf in the video below. Therefore, we would like to thank the Karrer family for their help in the making of this video....

Draught-Proof calf hutches in Northern Ireland

Proud to announce that we have delivered our first calf hutch in Northern Ireland. 5 Calf hutches equipped with livestock curtain for a draught-proof living environment. Check the photos here!...