Topcalf - Calf Housing Specialist

Done by People, Inspired by Calves

Topcalf specialises in the design and manufacture of top-quality calf housing solution. We believe that the life of a successful and productive cow begins with good care during the first phase of life. Calf housing plays an important role in achieving this. Topcalf produces high quality calf hutches completely according to your wishes. All Topcalf calf pens and calf hutches comply with the established EU regulations and deliver top performances in the area of animal welfare, climate, hygiene and working comfort


Why Topcalf?

  • Experience – for over 50 years
  • Committed – building your future together
  • Reliable – we say what we do & do what we say
  • Innovative – we continuously come up with new solutions for your stable
  • Flexible – thanks to the short lines, we can switch quickly


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Dairy Farm “De Telegraaf” (NL)

In Rottum (NL) we delivered 4 specially designed group pens. This group shelter is extra large and equipped with all comforts. Read more about this project here. ...

9 additional calf hutches in Italy

In 2017 we delivered 18 special edition Duo calf hutches with fixed roofs in Italy. After these hutches were found to be satisfactory, it was decided to buy 9 additional ones, which Don and Thomas mounted last week. Watch the video and photos to see the result: ...

64 Calf Pens in Italy

Back in 2019, we finished a project in Litizia, Italy where we mounted 64 spacious calf pens. So why share this now? This calf barn is in our opinion nearly perfect and in our opinion worth sharing. Besides the Topcalf calf pen system, this calf parn is equipped with an automatic feeding system and a hose ventilation system. Read more about this project here: ...