group calf hutches

Topcalf offers various solutions for housing your calves in groups. We offer both mobile group hutches that can be placed without a permit and fixed group hutches with extra large lying areas.

In the past, several studies have shown that housing calves has a positive influence on their development. For example, housing calves in groups results in better feed intake and better social development of the calf, with the calf adapting more easily to new situations.

At Topcalf, we believe in combining individual housing with pair housing and group housing. With Topcalf’s calf pens, it is possible to first house your calves individually after birth, after which one or more partitions can be removed and the calves can be kept in pairs or in small groups.

For housing calves in groups, Topcalf offers 2 solutions:

Mobile group housing
Fixed group housing

Mobile group hutch

The mobile calf hutch is ideal for housing 4 to 6 calves. As the name already says, this calf hutch can be placed flexibly without needing a permit. This mobile group hutch can optionally also be equipped with a sliding door and a free range. Furthermore, this calf hutch is equipped with all amenities, as it is equipped with lighting, power outlets, ventilation sliders, insulated roof, “Palisade” feed fence, feeding trough and drinking bowl.

Fixed group hutch

The fixed group hutch is a bigger alternative to house your calves in groups outside. The fixed group hutch measures 5 x 3,25 metres (16,25 SQM) and offers space to 6-8 calves. This group hutch is the biggest fixed group hutch on the market and is equipped with everything you need: Insulated roof, ventilation sliders, easy access through a front door, LED lighting, power outlets, Palisade feed fence, feeding trough, drinking bowl and much more!

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