First care calf hutch

Product description

The first care calf hutch from Topcalf is the ideal calf hutch for the after calving process. The idea of this calf hutch is the following: The calf is placed in the calf hutch straight after calving. The calf hutch is then placed near the feed fence, with the open side faced towards the cow. This way the cow is able to go through the feed fence, lick the newborn calf and eat roughage. After the cow has licked the newborn calf clean, the upper side of the side wall can be placed on the lower half to re-complete the side wall and create a ‘normal’ single calf hutch. This way the calf doesn’t have to be placed in another calf hutch or barn again and stays safe from harmful germs. The calf hutch can be placed somewhere else, thanks to the castor wheels.


135 x 100 x 100 (L x W x H) 

Topcalf First Care


  • Calf stays safe from harmful germs
  • The cow can stand calmly at the feed fence
  • Multifunctional: Calf doesn’t have to be placed into another calf hutch
  • Easy to move thanks to the castor wheels
  • Cow can be easily milked and calf can be fed directly
  • Very easy to clean, thanks to the removable plastic slatted floor and plastic walls

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    First Care Calf Hutch

    First care calf hutch
    First care calf hutch
    First care calf hutch

    The advantage of the First Care system

    With the First Care calf hutch it’s possible to keep the newborn calf in the same hutch until they’re held in a group. This way the calf stays safe from harmful herms and the calf is fully protected against draughts. When the mother cow is at the feed fence, the cow can be easily milked.

    Calving hutch

    Other Specification

    • 2 part-front gate, which enables you to enter the calf hutch without disturbing a drinking calf
    • Removable plastic slatted floor
    • 4 castor wheels, of which 2 with brakes
    • Storage for the upper part of the sidewall
    • Frame made of galvanized steel and solid plastic panels
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