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It’s the least convenient part of the calf rearing process: cleaning your calf hutches. Mucking out your calf houses is always a very labor intensive activity. Thanks to our new invention this struggle is one of the past. Our Easy Clean products are designed with a rotating floor with makes it easy to empty the hutch. The hutch can be simply lifted by a loader and then be brought to a cleaning area. Duo to the plastic side walls and grid it is easy to clean with a high pressure sprayer. At this moment you can only order the Mono and Trio calf hutch in Easy Clean edition. However we would love to make exceptions if wished. Optional you can further equip the hutch with a manure collection tray.

the importance of hygiene

When calves are born their immune system is not fully developed yet. Briefly, this means that a calf is really vulnerable for diseases. In order to reduce the risk of diseases, proper hygiene is essential. Besides the fact that you don’t want your calves to be ill, a disease at young age could have a huge impact on the milk yield as a cow. Several researches have shown that growth in the early phase of life is a major determinant in the milk production as a cow. Therefore, from a health and economical perspective it is important that everything is done to provide a stable living environment.

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