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The calf hutch Quattro Easy-clean XXL is our latest innovation. This calf hutch is equipped with a special version of the Easy-clean system and can be operated fully mechanically from a wheel loader. In addition, it has very large lying spaces. In Germnay, as of 2023, one pair of calves is already considered a small group, so that the minimum area of 4.5 square metres for group housing of calves applies. With the XXL lying areas in this calf hutch, 2 groups of 4.5 square metres can be formed by removing the outer partition walls. In the version shown, the calf hutch is equipped with a slurry collection tray that can be automatically connected and disconnected. We will present the Quattro Easy-clean XXL calf hutch at Eurotier 2022. This calf hutch will only be available to order later in 2023.

In addition to this new version of the Easy-clean system, this calf hutch offers the same advantages as the other Topcalf calf hutches:

Topcalf calf hutches


  • Insulated roof
  • 2-part fronts
  • Removable separation walls
  • Lighting and sockets
  • XL-Ventilation sliders
  • Forklift access
  • Removable plastic slatted floors
  • Very robust construction
*The video shows the new slurry collection system with automatic connection and disconnection.
(Will become optional / Not standard)


calf housing dimensions

ease of work & calf comfort


This calf hutch embodies what we aim for at Topcalf when developing our calf housing solutions:

Ease of work

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Thanks to the revised Easy-clean system, there is no need to leave the loader. The calf hutch can be mucked out fully automatically and the slurry tank can be automatically coupled and uncoupled from the wheel loader.

calf comfort


Thanks to the very large lying areas, the calves have an extremely large space and in combination with the removable partitions, 2 groups can be formed to achieve the required 4.5 square metres for small groups. (German legislation)

How does it work?

The newly developed Easy-clean system for the Quattro XXL calf hutch works differently from Topcalf’s other Easy-clean systems. Firstly, the floor does not fold vertically, but horizontally. Secondly, it is completely mechanical with a wheel loader and a specially developed Topcalf cylinder that connects the wheel loader to the calf hutch.

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