Trio Easy-clean

Topcalf kalverhut



  • Easy to move by using a loader
  • Price winning Easy-clean system
  • Frame made of galvanized steel ensures a long product life span
  • Insulated roof, protecting calves from heat and cold
  • Ventilation sliders allow you to control the climate in the calf hutch
  • Equipped with 2-part front gates, which allow you to enter the calf hutch without disturbing a drinking calf
  • Removable plastic slatted floors
  • Equipped with lighting and electricity
  • The 2 removable separation walls allow you to create a small group housing

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    Topcalf calf hutch
    Topcalf calf hutch

    The Topcalf Easy-Clean System

    The Trio Easy-clean calf hutch is the perfect calf hutch. Mucking out the calf hutches manually is now in the past, thanks to the Topcalf Easy-clean system. By pulling the lever on the backside of the hutch, the floor becomes tiltable. The hutch can be easily tilted with a forklift or loader which makes the process of mucking out the calf hutch a piece of cake. Thanks to the solid plastic panels, it’s very easy to clean the hutch. Time can be saved, and optimal hygiene management is within reach. Furthermore, this calf hutch is standardly equipped with 2-part front gates, which allows the farmer to enter the hutch without disturbing a drinking calf.

    Furthermore, the Trio Easy-Clean is equipped with an insulated roof and sliding panels in the back to control the climate inside the hutch. The 2 removable separation walls can be pulled out to create a small group housing. Besides providing a lot of comfort for your calves, this calf hutch also offers great working comfort for you as a dairy farmer, as you can stand and work upright inside this calf hutch. This calf hutch is also equipped with lighting and electricity.

    The Easy-clean system in action

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