Individual calf hutch

Topcalf kalverbox


  • Two-part front gate so you don’t have to disturb a drinking calf
  • Removable plastic slatted floor
  • Frame made of galvanized steel and solid plastic panels
  • 4 castor wheels, which makes it easy to transport
  • Supplied with accessories as standard

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    Mono S

    Both the Mono S and the Mono XL are standardly equipped  with 2-part front gates

    Mono XL

    Both the Mono S and the Mono XL are standardly equipped  with 2-part front gates

    Why choose for an individual calf hutch?

    A calf is at its most vulnerable in the first weeks of its life. Calves should therefore be protected against diseases and infections as much as possible. The calf hutch Mono minimizss theses risks. The calves are well protected against draughts and have sufficient space, providing the calves a lot of comfort.

    The Topcalf calf hutch Mono is standardly equipped with a divisible front gate, which allows the farmer to enter the calf hutch, without disturbing a drinking calf. Thanks to the solid plastic walls and the removable plastic slatted floor, it’s very easy to clean and muck out the calf hutch. Moreover, the calf hutch Mono is easy to move thanks to the castor wheels. It is also possible to move the hutch with a forklift or loader.

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    mono first care

    First care calf hutch

    The calf hutch Mono First Care can be placed next to the feed fence where the mother cow is located. By placing the upper half of the side wall back on the lower half, the First Care calf hutch also functions as a normal Mono calf hutch.

    Calf pens

    Calf pens

    The Topcalf calf pens are perfect for indoor calf housing. The modular Topcalf calf pen system makes it very easy to assemble or disassemble lying space for calves and thanks to the removable separation walls, groups can be be created easily.

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