Calf teats

Nowadays, many calf teats are equipped with a click system. This system reduces the risk of  bacterial growth and it’s very easy to use. The 4 pictures below show the 4 different Hiko calf teats. These calf teats differ in feed intake speed and in terms of flexibility of the feeder teat. The first 3 calf teats are classic calf feeder teats. The fourth (black) calf feeder teat is shorter.

The advantage of this teat is that it’s equipped with a membrane. This means that the teat does not leak milk, which is a greater risk with other teats, especially during prolonged use. The advantage of this calf teat is that the calf has to strain to drink the milk and produce saliva. When it costs the calf too much effort, it will drink less. Therefore, it is important to make a well informed choice which calf feeder teat to use. We recommend using a flexible teat with a high feed intake speed right after the birth of the calf. And then gradually change to a stiffer teat with a slower feed intake speed.

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    Calf teat – light brown (Standard)

    Eimer und Sauger Braun

    Feed intake speed: Fast

    Flexibility: Very

    Calf teat – Red

    Eimer und Sauger Rot

    Feed intake speed: Quite fast

    Flexibility: Medium

    Calf teat – White

    Eimer und Sauger Weiss

    Feed intake speed: Quite slow

    Flexibility: Quite stiff

    Calf teat – Black

    Eimer und Sauger Schwarz

    Feed intake speed: Very slow

    Flexibility: Very stiff

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