Removable separation wall

  • This removable separation wall allows you to change single hutches into a group hutch
  • Easy & light to remove
  • Available for all calf hutches
Topcalf calf hutch 2 calves

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    Benefits of calf hutches with removable panel

    In the first 2 weeks of a calf’s life it is most vulnerable to diseases. In order to minimize the chance of spread, calves are held in single calf hutch, separated from the others.  However, after a few weeks calves should socialize more with the other calves. Therefore it is recommended to place your calves in group housing. This way your calves learn social skills and are stimulated to take in more food. Thanks to the removable panel you can easily transform your single hutch into group housing. This is available for double, trio, quattro and quinto edition.


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