100 calf pens with roof

Recently, we finished a very nice project in Versmold, Germany. At this dairy farm we installed 100 calf pens with insulated roof. These calf hutches are equipped with all the possible luxury. The calf pens are equipped with lighting, extra big lying surfaces for the calves, double bucket holders, removable separation walls, air slides on the backside, removable plastic slatted floors and more. A big advantage as well is the working height. In many calf hutches, the dairy farmers needs to bend down to enter the calf pen. With these calf pens, the working height is perfect.

Watch the video to see the result:

At Topcalf we are always open to special requests and projects. We usually don’t make calf pens with insulated roof, but if such a request comes it’s not a problem. We recently we finished a very nice project in Germany where our calf hutches are now used in combination with automatic feeding systems. Whatch the video of that project here.

Calf pens

Calf pens Quality: the galvanised posts ensure a long product life span Removable separation walls make it easy to clean the pens Separation walls allow the farmer to create a group housing The divisible front gates allow the farmer to enter the calf pen without disturbing a drinking calf The walls of the pens are … Continued

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