Calf housing equipped with automatic feeding system

In Germany, Topcalf supplied the calf housing for a special project. These 20 custom-made Topcalf Quattro hutches are designed so that Förster Technik’s CalfRail system can feed the calves automatically. The Topcalf calf hutches are arranged in 2 rows of 2×10 hutches with the hutches positioned opposite each other.

The fully automatic robot arm from Förster Technik feeds each calf fresh food at the right temperature up to 8 times a day. The ration is tailored to the specific needs of each calf. The robot automatically cleans the teat for optimal hygiene.

For this project, a closed concrete floor with drainage channels was constructed to drain the slurry directly. This calf housing system is applicable for farms with many calves. An all-in all-out system is used at this farm, where the mobile calf hutches can easily be moved for mucking out and cleaning. With these calf hutches, an optimum climate can be created using the air vents at the back of the calf hutch.

In many German states, it is possible to use this system without a permit.

The major advantages of this system are:

  • Time saving
  • Constant and specifically balanced ration for each calf
  • Freshly prepared ration
  • Hygiene: Automatic teat cleaning after feeding
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