topcalf calf hutches in spain

We have mounted the first calf hutches in Spain. Together with our Spanish dealer Juan from Agrotecnogen, we assembled 10 Duo-flex calf hutches in a small place near Lugo, Galicia (North-West Spain). About 1/3 of all dairy cows in Spain are in the Galicia region. This dairy farm is run by 2 brothers who built a brand new dairy barn 5 years ago. In total, they milk about 230 cows.

At this dairy farm, the calves are kept individually for a month inside a stable without much access to fresh air. After 4 weeks the calves are moved to a bigger stable where the calves are kept in groups. This stable has good access to fresh air and is equipped with an automated calf feeding system. The dairy farmers shared that the calves often suffer from respiratory problems, before moving into groups. This is most likely caused by the poor air quality inside the stable with the individual calf pens.

Individual calf pens

group housing

To prevent these respiratory problems, another barn which is now used as a warehouse (picture below), will be turned into a new stable with a solid concrete floor, where the new Topcalf calf hutches will be placed. This space already has access to fresh air and a Holm & Laue MilkTaxi has already been acquired to feed the calves.

The parts and materials had already arrived a few days before our arrival. Juan our dealer in Spain helped assembling the calf hutches so he could learn how the calf hutches are assembled and what is expected of dairy farmers in the future. The assembly of the calf hutches went very smooth without problems.

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